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The Sangam literature shows that Silambam is practiced before 200 BC. In 14th century it was largely practiced for the war. It is Dravidian traditional Martial Arts. Like Silambattam, Our traditional dances are Thappattam, Oyillattam, Kavadi attam, Kolattam, Kummi, Mayil attam, Karragattam, Bommalattam, Devarattam and many more. Many of us mistaken that these dances are considered as the folk dances and these are the dances for the village people. No, these dance are followed by our ancestor and each dance has its own unique style and makes the people to enjoy and relax.
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Jallikattu is a popular bull game in Tamil Nadu, especially in Madurai and Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. It is played on MattuPongal day or along with Pongal celebrations. Private wealthy person bred the bulls for the event. The event will be attended by thousands of village people. Temple bull is considered as cattle head in a village. During important days, special prayers will be performed for the temple bull. It is celebrated for cattle and bulls as they play the main role in agriculture.
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Considered among the oldest and most scientific martial arts in the world, Kalaripayattu was developed in Kerala. Lauded as the pride of Kerala, it is acknowledged and respected across the world.
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Famous around the world, Kathakali's magnificence has won great admiration for the state of Kerala. Proud that this renowned artfrom originated, was originated from Kerala’s shores over 300 years ago. It combines devotion, drama, dance, music, costumes and make up into a divine experience for all who get to view it. It retells the great stories of the past, mostly from Indian epics, and leaves one spellbound at the various intricacies involved in the performance. Every single quiver of the lips, flicker of the eyes or a movement involving the fingers twirling, has great significance. The entire performance sees the audience unable to take their eyes away from the spectacle taking place on stage.
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